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The dryness and brutality of winter will suck the life out of your hair out. But you may be further assisting the damage when you think you’re protecting it via protective styling. Your first instinct may be to find a protective style like braids or a sew-in which isn’t a bad option but in this weather, we need to take special care of our hair, and edges, or come summer we may not have any and who want’s that.


Unlike that ex-boyfriend that keeps coming back like a bad habit, once your edges are gone, they are gone for good.

Here are 10 things that will stop your edges from living that good life:

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1. Using Too Much Tension

Pulling your hair up into that cute little bun or ponytail before bed, every night? Try not to sleep with it extra tight. Also wearing buns and ponytails with too much tension pulls on the cuticle of your hair and can pull it so much that it completely comes out. Leaving your edges looking thinner and thinner!

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  1. kimberley spraggins
    November 6, 2016 / 12:24 pm

    Not making sure your shower cap is clean around the elastic. Either wash it like you do your scarf or change it whenever you wash your hair.

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