caged heels for the summer

It’s almost spring and I am so excited! I’m closing out winter recovering from the flu, so you can only imagine how ready I am for Old Man Winter to exit stage left. During my bedridden state, I kept my eye out for shoes that would set my toes free from socks and boots. I’m over it, can you tell? No, really?



One particular style of shoe I love is a cage heel. Why? Glad you asked. I’ve expanded my brick house physique by a few bricks and I love the fact they usually come up to the ankle or a little higher. I feel like the extra material helps me keep my balance. I hate to feel like I’m wobbling.

Cage heels also give off the “rocker chic” vibe, which is my style. Not too dainty and not too over the top. It gives off just enough edge for me to channel my inner Rihanna (yes, I love her)! Cage heels are also provide a much needed break from studs and grommets. It’s time for that trend to have a seat for a little while.

Technically, the definition of a cage heel means the upper body of the shoe is latticed, with open spaces to make it look like your foot is in a very fierce and fashionable cage.


Vince Camuto Meadow

My Absolute Must Have Cage Heel: Vince Camuto Meadow

This tops my list because of the thicker heel and I think it would be great with boyfriend jeans and a simple tee. I love fashion. But the older I get, the more I don’t like clothes. I’m as minimalist in my style as I’ve ever been. I have a 3-year-old son so I have to be ready to run and I can’t do that very often on a skinny heel. I love any shoe that allows me to be on trend and functional. Throw in a great bag and you’re good to go.

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