bloggers in ghana 2018

I’m just getting back from my trip to Ghana and there’s so much to unpack for you guys. #ContentForWeeks. From the culture to the food, to traveling with 16 very bold and fearless personalities–you could say that I am a bit overwhelmed. The trip was planned by my good girlfriend and fellow lifestyle blogger Hayet Rida. Over a year ago she had an idea to take a group of Black women back to the motherland to experience the country she’s from. I immediately signed up because… Africa! I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to go to Africa and have such an authentic non-touristy experience so despite my bank account I made Ghana happen. No regrets! 


But seriously, I have an overwhelming amount of content to share with you. Like, hours of footage for my YouTube. Hella pics. So I figured I would start with the easiest piece of content.


What did I wear!

For this trip, I was a horrible blogger. We had some themed shoots planned so I made sure I had my looks squared away for that but I really just threw a bunch of shit in my bags and left the country. I don’t know about you but packing gives me the worst case of anxiety. I hate having to decide what I’m wearing 10 days from now. But I pushed through and I think I looked pretty amazing despite my fear of commitment.

Pool ready maxi dress

bloggers in ghana 2018

As soon as we landed we hit the ground running with our bootys grinding at a pool party planned for us at Hayet’s moms. Never mind my friend’s booty, focus on my dress. This is an oldie but goodie (this is the theme of this post FYI). I got it from Fashion To Figure last summer. Since I didn’t do much last summer (but plan my wedding) I will be sporting all the dresses I bought but haven’t worn yet.

I did some research and found a few dresses similar to this one.

Sheer Thotty Clubbing

bloggers in ghana 2018

This is also an old favorite that I found in the back of my closet. I’m trying to be a fake minimalist and work with what I got in my closet. I got this from GS Love last year wore it once and shoved it back in my closet. When Hayet asked for thotty club wear I struggled a bit. I haven’t been a thot since 2001 and I turned my clubbing card over shortly after. I remember buying this outfit thinking I am too old for this. Obviously,  I changed my mind because I look good.

Here’s a few dups for you guys:

The color is green (in my “The Wiz” voice)

bloggers in ghana 2018

Shop my suit here!

If you check out our hashtag #Gone2Ghana2018 you know that we kinda slayed our photo shoots. We had a professional photographer that was on hand for a few group shots. One of my favorites was the Ghana Flag Swimsuit shoot. We all were tasked with wearing a suit that was either red, green or black–the colors of the Ghana flag. I challenged myself to find a green one. I called on my friends at Swimsuits For All and found this new banger from GabiFresh’s new collection.

Here’s a few other green slay worthy suits for you:

Black in Ghana

bloggers in ghana 2018

Shop this look here!

I wore this dress for our African dance lessons. Wait until you see that vlog. Hilarious is an understatement. And you guessed it. This dress is another old great gem found in the back of my closet. But for this one, I was able to find the exact link for this. I’m guessing it’s so good they brought it back again because I definitely bought this over two summers ago. Also AYE for still being able to fit it.

Village Girl

bloggers in ghana 2018
A part of our trip was spent in Kumasi. It took over 6 hours to get there but it was well worth the ride. So much culture. So much raw good energy. I wore a skirt from Grass Fields. The split goes all the way up to your private business so I had my friend tame that for the culture. I’ll be wearing this again.

All white everything

bloggers in ghana 2018

On our last night, we gathered at a club nestled on the beach for dinner and dancing. I wore this (you guessed) oldie but goodie from the back of my closet from Eloquii. I love this one because of the roching that hides all the unmentionables and gives a little space for a night of overeating.

Because I love you and I know that White Party season is upon us, here’s a few other options for you:

From Slaves to Queens

bloggers in ghana 2018
We also visited Elmina Castle. If you ever have a chance to go please! It’s equally eerie and inspiring. A reminder of the roots that lie inside of our souls and the pain we carry in America. Hayet also organized a shoot where we all wore bright colored dresses and head wraps. A true homage to the slaves who are now our angel Queens. My dress came from Rebdolls. Sweet and simple maxi dress.
bloggers in ghana 2018
Of course I overpacked but that just means I have lots more styles to shoot this Spring and Summer.

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  1. MissEbony2U
    March 25, 2018 / 4:28 pm

    Love everything about this post and can’t wait for your videos

  2. April 3, 2018 / 1:35 am

    Beautiful Outfits!

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