trench coats for the spring

The time that we’ve been waiting for is here…Spring! Of course, you know that comes with rain. We can be sexy in the rain, right? With the right accessories, you can take on any inclement weather coming your way. This week’s most wanted item is a trench coat. The trench coat is an essential element to being polished and sexy. Tie the belt to make your waist look snatched and accentuate your curves. Pair with killer heels and you’ll say “I have arrived” without speaking a word!



I’m a big believer in showing a little in a big way. Some women gawk at the thought of wearing a trench and I can completely understand. I used to think a trench was so Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Gadget. The key to wearing the trench is finding a modern and sexy silhouette. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by extra material. Take into consideration your body frame and remember the trench should hit no further than just above the knee. Anything longer can be visually awkward and not as flattering.

On a date or girls’ night out, your trench and accessories can be your statement look. I usually a wear a skirt or dress that is at least one or two inches shorter than the trench. My top is usually low cut, not unladylike, just enough for the girls to say “hi”. I’m not showing my midriff in public to anyone so I let the girls wink every now and then. No shame, no shade, just me. The boldness of accessories depends on the boldness of the trench. If you go for a busy print trench, be minimal in your accessories. If you pick a traditional beige, black, or white, the bolder you can be in your choice of accessories. It’s a balancing act. Don’t overwhelm your spectators. Make ‘em say “Oooooh” not “Ewwww”!

My must-have trench for the season is that Michael Kors double breasted beauty. I absolutely love the mixed animal print bottom of this trench. I was skeptical when I first saw it but I saw an XL and it fit like a dream!

What do you think? Will you indulge in a little sexy sophistication this spring?

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