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Travel gorgeous tip: Don’t drink the water in Mexico!


I had a serious case of the BG’s for a week after my Mexico trip, a la Charlotte in Sex And The City. Remember when she opened her mouth in blissful joy while in the shower and well, we all know the rest. A few of us got sick and we think it was the water from the restaurants OR quite possibly the ice. I was feening for it and ultimately I paid the price. But that was just a small price to pay since my trip to Mexico was not only well overdue (I haven’t traveled since Guadeloupe in January) but it was the first travel experience that I hosted. Woo hoo!


As soon as we arrived and started posting on IG a lot of you had a strong case of FOMO. But I told you guys about this trip back in 2016. I also told you that a few of my blogger baes (aka your favorites) were also coming and y’all slept through the ticket sales. The one good thing is that this is an annual travel trip presented by PARLOUR Magazine so you can come next time. The location for 2018 is SICK! So when I post about it, don’t sleep or wait for your girlfriends. JUST BOOK IT.

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Here’s what you should know about Unico 20 87!

Once we landed in Cancun we traveled about 45 minutes to Riviera Maya and stayed at Unico 20 87. Let me be clear, this is by far one of the best hotel/resort experiences I’ve had.

(1) It’s adult only and all inclusive. Come through real vacation! I love the kids, I do. But I firmly believe that your kids be doing the most these days. In 2017 we got them sitting in first class. They all got passports and Instagram accounts now. I just can not with you “new age” mommies! And while I’m slightly here for it, I really want you to leave them little ninjas home so I can escape in peace and have a quiet four or five hour plane ride to paradise.

(2) It’s nestled right on the beach and also has 3 swimming pools. So you get the best of both worlds. I never made it to the beach because… sand gets in places I don’t want it to. So instead, I posted up at the pool with my girlfriends my entire stay! Yes I am sunburnt.

The Travel Fly Solo Weekend is the first and only travel experience designed to cater to both solo travelers and pairs of friends who appreciate the comfort of a group or the option to socialize. But with this experience you can travel without stifling itineraries or the “group-think” mentality.

So when I wasn’t at the pool, drink in hand, I was chilling HARD in my room.

Unico 20 87 Review

The rooms are gorgeous and I really had to force myself to be social and not lay in the comfy king sized bed munching on those free Mexican snacks. Yes! They restock your snacks and mini bar every night. I ate horribly. I had a Coke soda and bag of queso Ruffles every night. Maybe that’s why my tummy was on fire all week.

If you make it to Unico 20 87 please do yourself a favor and get the Oceanview room. While each room is laced with either a tub on your balcony or a swim up personal pool (the verdict is out on which is better) my view was bananas. Going to sleep and waking up to the sound of the waves puts things into perspective. Like, “there really is a God” type of perspective.

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I’m still fuming about this tub. I spent so much time at the pool and eating that I didn’t even get in. But trust, husbae and I will be returning perhaps for our 6 months wedding anniversary (I just made that celebration up because, why not!).

Because I was all over the place (moving and planning a wedding) I completely forgot what inclusive meant and how inclusive inclusive really is.

Unico 20 87 Review

I knew that meant I’d have an abundance of liquor, food and snacks but I didn’t know that meant I could have them all 24 hours a day. Like, no cut off time! Just call zero and… BRUH!

Unico 20 87 Review

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I also didn’t factor in the Spa being a part of all that inclusivity. So of course I spent a day at the spa. My skin still feels like new baby after my body scrub. I also got a massage. Both services which I would normally pay well over $150 for each only cost me $60 total… for both! Girl. When are we going back?

Unico 20 87 Review

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Beyond the pool there’s so much to see and do. A few of the girls went on a shopping trip. Some girls went to the Mayans thingee. While others when on adventurous outings like ziplining and jet skiing.

Hayet, Chante and I signed up for shopping in Playa del Carmen but then we realized it was an all day thing and the way all that inclusive pool drink activity was set up, we decided to cancel and lounge at the pool.

Unico 20 87 Review

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When I wasn’t at the pool, or in the spa, or at the main bar I was hosting the 50 gorgeous ladies that joined us on the Travel Fly Solo Weekend. I made it a point to chat with everyone as I passed them by, or chilled a bit with them at the pool (hey Ash!). We also did a reading of my book, Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died. “No you’re crying” was the theme of the morning. Shannon did a great job moderating the panel and we really opened up some conversation points that I will be exploring again (next book maybe!). To end the trip we did a farewell dinner offsite where I did a little ode to my African roots (thanks Hayet for teaching me two dance moves, Ghana 2018!).

Unico 20 87 Review

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This might have been the best trip I’ve ever been on. I’m so looking forward to Travel Fly Solo Weekend 2018. I’m not sure if I’ll be hosting (harass them on social media and tell them to bring me back) but I will definitely be going. Here’s a hint: It’s a) on another island and b) in a totally different hemisphere and c) English is not the official language! We out.

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  1. Jaclyn Brice
    June 21, 2017 / 3:10 pm

    Yeaaasssssssss!!!! Thank You Ty I agree with everything except the case of the bg’s. This trip was beyond amazing cant wait for 2018.

  2. June 23, 2017 / 10:55 am

    Yasss! TY! This trip was everything and more! It was amazing meeting you and I had no clue some of my other favorite bloggers were going to be there! You were an amazing hostess by taking time to talk to folks and just having an amazing energy! I hope you host next year because I will be there!

  3. Rae
    June 23, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    You are my muse. Writing love notes & poems on my check register & budget worksheets: oh travel solo 2018, how do I [want] thee? Let me count the ways [nixed lattes, nail polishes, bottles of wine etcetera etcetera for trip coin] ! Beautiful piece.

  4. June 24, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts weekly. They are inspiring and similar to some of the thoughts that I have. Thank you for saying it’s okay.

  5. July 10, 2017 / 8:30 am

    Love ya!!!!!! Here is to catching the beat FUH-EVA

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