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Spending the rest of your life with someone is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. Society has put so much pressure on us that we all believe we’re not complete until we marry, have 2.5 children and find a house on the hills with a white picketed fence. All that is amazing but let’s try falling in love first.


So once you find your best friend and you fall in love, you’ve got a few hard conversations to have before you walk down that aisle. Here’s five things you and your bae need to discuss before getting engaged.


1. The Faith

Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Mormon, Scientologist, Wiccan, agnostic, atheist–there’s quite a few options and you should know exactly which one your partner identifies with. Religion and money can be the division that breaks your marriage before it gets off the ground.

2. The Kids

He wants to travel the world, but you want to have your 2.5 children before you hit 30. Or he wants a tribe of boys to keep his legacy going, but you want to make the next 30 under 30 list. As hard as the conversation is, you too have to decide whether it’s all or nothing and when to start and stop your family.

3. The Habits

It was all good when you were dating and you guys went to your favorite restaurant every week. But now there are bills to pay so someone need to cook and clean. Make sure you do a few pop-up visits so you can see exactly how they’re living.

4. The Future

You’re vision board has you traveling the world, meanwhile he hasn’t gotten a passport yet. Or he’s set on you never working again (which you should surely sign up for) so that you can be a “real” housewife! Ask what they see themselves doing 30 years from now. You need to know if it requires dipping into your 401K or if you’ll be slaving at your government job until you’re 62…or is it 63?

5. The Rock 

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.20.07 PM

Once you’ve got all of the particulars out-of-the-way, you will save a lot of headaches if he at least knows the type of diamond you want. And here’s where you can use to be really specific about you wants/needs. From the clarity, the cut to the shape you can give him a lot of tips on your future perfect ring.

diamond hedge

Once you’ve perused your options (and wow there are so many), you can even see exactly how much your wants will cost him.

diamond hedge

This part might take you a while. My search gave me over 4,000 options. Once you drop hints on which ring he should get, you’re all set and ready for your happily ever after. Good luck!




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DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by Diamond Hedge. The opinions expressed here are those of my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Diamond Hedge.



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  1. January 28, 2015 / 4:13 pm

    Definitely important points to consider!! Love it.

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