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Ok, so our vanities and makeup bags have been made over for our mission to be bronzed and summertime fine! Honestly, in order for our makeup to look and be flawless, our skin must be the same. Makeup can only cover but so much, and let’s be real our skin is the first thing others look at, so why not nurture it ?


Ready to find out how to get your skin ready for the summer? Keep on reading loves!



Freeman Facial Masks

Facial masks are the best way to create a clear, clean canvas for your summer makeup! In order to get your best bang for your buck, use your facial mask on problematic areas only. If you having blemish concerns or too much oil in the T-Zone, simply use your masks in those areas so they specifically heal your skin. One of my favorite masks is the Freeman Oatmeal and Avocado mask. Anytime I have makeup related blemishes, I just pop it on, let it dry and rinse it off.


Lemon and Brown Sugar Scrub

Have you noticed any discoloration or hyper pigmentation on your skin? Are you concerned with rough, dry skin or blackheads? Well, I have an all around sweet and effective treatment for you! Mix a 1/2 cup of Brown Sugar and 3-5 tablespoons of Olive Oil and cut a lemon in half. Dip one half of the lemon into the brown sugar mix and, in circular motions, rotate on your skin to exfoliate with the sugar and heal dark spot with the lemon. Do this easy treatment once every week or one every other week.


Eucerin Moisturizing Creme

If you have an issue with rough spots or eczema, like I do, Eucerin has been an old fashioned beauty secret of mine for 10 years now! This thick and creamy moisturizer is awesome for spot treatment only, it is too thick for all over the face and we want to prevent the clogging of pores as much as we can! Use this around your mouth, cheeks even your knees and heels of your feet. We want soft, supple skin all over this summer!


Nivea Beauty Bath Oil

This summer, it is all about taking care of our skin as a whole and not just our faces! Give your body spa-like goodness by added a couple of drops of bathing oil into a bath after your shower. Bathing oils will not only moisturize your skin, but it will give your body an instant, dewy glow. Treat yourself to something good!


Up & Up Exfoliating Cucumber Cleansing Towelettes

Taking off your makeup is by far the most practical and important thing to keep our skin in tip-top shape. Want makeup removal and exfoliation all-in-one? Target brand has amazing cucumber cleansing cloths that are so soft on the skin and really takes makeup like a dream! Makeup removal and skin care will be a breeze for you this summer!


Text by Chakayla Taylor

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  1. August 14, 2015 / 8:13 am

    Did you write this post for me? I needed this!

  2. February 9, 2017 / 8:47 am

    The summer is going on again. I will use all these tips. Thanks

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