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I know it’s hard to believe with all the rain in our forecast this Spring but Summer is on the horizon. Soon we’ll be relaxing with our besties on the beach, entertaining our career connects at the hottest rooftops in the city and hopefully making a few cameos at the neighborhood cookouts. It’s so easy to forget about our summer skin care routine with all of that fun.


With my wedding on the horizon (see my engagement photos here) I will be prepping my mind, body and soul for my next chapter with the husbae! I’m starting with my body because it’s the most neglected. Confession: I skipped lotion this winter for things like extra sleep and more time to make the morning coffee. To get my youthful glow back, and even reverse some of that damage I did this winter, here’s a few tips I’m swearing by this summer (maybe it will help you too):


1. Drinking Too Many Cocktails At Happy Hour

Trust me, this will be a challenge for us but we can do it. At 40 years old, alcohol just does all types of crazy things to my skin. What I didn’t know is that the skin actually gets puffy and flush with dilated blood vessels. Over time, even moderate alcohol intake can cause permanent spider veins on your face and hands (and really everywhere OUCH!) Alcohol also worsens common skin diseases such as psoriasis and rosacea and causes dehydration (which makes your skin sag). But here’s the good news. Moderate intake of red wine may help because red grapes are filled with antioxidants. I guess we’re only drinking red wine this summer right!

2. Rushing out the door and skipping the moisturizer

Like I said earlier, I forget to put lotion on and I only remember when my skin reminds me. This summer I plan to break out all of my swimsuits so that I can relax on the beach because…my soul needs it. But that can wreak havoc on your skin. Remember to slough off dead skin with a loufah and an exfoliating body wash a few times a week. One of the most effective ways to exfoliate during the summer is to use a scrub on dry skin before you shower. I’ll be paying special attention to my knees and elbows since they will be on display this summer. Then you should finish with a rich body cream or oil within three minutes of toweling off. My fave: Vaseline Cocoa Radiant! I keep my beauty closet stocked with it all year around (not just in the warm months) because it’s literally BAE! Be sure to check your Sunday paper for a $2/1 coupon lotion 10 oz+ (includes Vaseline Cocoa Radiant, valid 5/14-6/11). You can also visit Walmart’s Saving Catcher after you grab your bottle just to make sure you’re getting the best price. Learn more about Walmart Savings Catcher here: https://savingscatcher.walmart.com

3. Eating too much cake

We all know that sugar is bad for your waistline, but what about your skin? Carbohydrates, like refined sugar, white bread and soda (all things I adore), cause your insulin levels to spike, which leads to a burst of inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Digested sugar permanently attaches to the collagen in your skin through a process known as glycation. A high-sugar diet is also linked to diabetes.

EEK, all I want is a donut but never mind we need glowing skin!

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