1. Gorgeous in Grey! I follow you on Snapchat and instagram but I cannot communicate with you on Snapchat. Help! 😉

  2. This post is perfect! I just started out on Snapchat, it’s taken me about a month just to get even remotely close to getting the hang of it but I’m determined to become a snapping pro!

  3. WOW! This is a very comprehensive guide. I did the exact same thing with the SnapChat app…downloaded it then deleted it. I am still undecided on whether I will download it again because I am not sure if I can [wo]man another social media account but this post makes it more appealing.


  1. […] I must admit… I downloaded and deleted Snapchat when it first launched because it was just too complicated to use.  Luckily Ty Alexander over at Gorgeous in Grey makes using Snapchat a breeze in  “A Complete & Comprehesive Guide On How (& Why) Adults Should Use Snapchat” […]

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