Last month, I was invited to set sail on the new Symphony of the Seas from Royal Caribbean. It’s the largest cruise ship in the world. Like, it’s HUGE! And I’ve been on a few cruise ships (see my other posts about cruises here). This is the ship that makes me believe in the idea that life is better at sea. I officially want to be a cruise lady and retire on the ships and set sail for the rest of my life. Leeroy says we can’t do that until we’re in our 60’s. Even though there was no way we were going to see every inch of this ship we did capture what we did and saw on the vlog above. 

Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas


I’ve been on a few Royal Caribbean cruises but I had never gotten to see a naming ceremony. It’s a traditional ceremony with all the bells and whistles. This one had a high school band from Miami, men in kilts blowing those horn things, and human sculptures painted like Gods and Goddesses. The ceremony even came with a rainstorm that held out enough for us to see the oversized champagne bottle burst on the side of the ship.

Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas

The next day we got up and explored the ship (watch the video above to see more), or what we could see. We got lost a lot. Because it’s the largest cruise ship and we were at the front of the boat and most of the entertainment was at the back, it was easy to get turned around. There was a part of the ship that has a glass floor and you can see to the bottom. I think they said it was 17 floors up. Anyways it was near the spa (I found out after asking someone). But the day before I spent an hour searching for this magical place. I saw all the bloggers that had been on the ship take a picture there and I was determined NOT be left out on this social media must-have moment.

Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas

Shout out to the husbae for putting up me. It’s hard to just be a person sometimes when you always have to get the content. But I’m never upset about not being able to be a person when I actually get the content. Anywhos!

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