Rite Aid Beauty Neutrogena Gorgeous In Grey

I have been on a semi-health kick for the past 5 years (Shh, I’m human!). When my mother died of cancer in 2013 it prompted me to take a long hard look at how I was taking care of my own body. But the truth is I still fail sometimes. I still OD on Swedish fish, Captain Crunch french toast, Hot Cheetos, and greasy Shake Shack burgers. But I try to pair those indulges with frequent trips to the gym, long walks in the mall, and the dreadful choice of stairs instead of the escalators. Even though breast cancer incidences are lower in Black women than other races, the mortality rates are paradoxically higher for Black women [1]. I’ve always believed those numbers are alarmingly high because as a culture we lack the access to medical treatment and our urgency for care is almost nonexistent.

Before my mother passed away from cancer she was sick for over a year. An entire year! And by sick I mean the “I’m so tired” sick. It was the kind of sick that we as Black women ignore until it’s too late. She was sluggish all the time. She never had any energy to do anything. But she blamed it on getting older. She was 56. She went from just being tired to her everything failing to being a stage 4 cancer patient at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.


Now that she’s gone to Heaven I have a lot of guilt. I wonder if I would have spoken up and asked her to, or made her get the help she needed would she still be there. Would I still have my mom?

But I know everything happens in its own accord. So I push my guilt deep down and cloud it with good vibes because let’s be honest, guilt is useless. Instead, I ask myself what else can we do to support breast cancer research (all while having that ‘glow up’ worthy skin)?

Insert – Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Collection!

You can easily find it in your local Rite Aid or online.

The Pink Power campaign from Neutrogena and Susan G. Komen’s message of Be More than Pink are the perfect marriage of breast cancer awareness. Empowering women to be confident and take on the world despite their challenges is a cause that I can get behind. A cause I have to support because that’s what my mom did.

Your local Rite Aid is the retailer helping to bring this partnership to life.

Rite Aid Beauty Neutrogena Gorgeous In Grey

The Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Collection is filled with products that focus on cleansing/moisturizing your skin. The collection is derived from grapefruit, vitamin C, and salicylic acid. All ingredients that promote and aid in our quest for healthy skin.

Rite Aid Beauty Neutrogena Gorgeous In Grey

It’s the perfect set of oil-free skin care products that work instantly to clear up your breakouts before they even start. It’s one of the few products that I can use that instantly treat and prevent breakouts and those dreadful blackheads. Magical right? Well, the magical formula contains salicylic acid which intensely treats your skin. Even if you slack off in your skin care routine, trust me I slip up often, you can pick back up where you left off and use the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Collection and get clearer skin in just 1 week.

The Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Foaming Scrub is my workout acne solution. My pores tend to get clogged up with sweat and oil and if I don’t use this foam I turn into a sad 9th grader hiding from her friends in the gym locker room.

And when I don’t have the time to get a good cleaning in but still want the benefits I grab one of the Neutrogena® Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes. Yes, all you need is one. These wipes work on my skin on a deeper level. Deeper then any other wipes I’ve used. All the junk and dirt are instantly captured. I swear it’s magic.

When I’ve been neglectful (which has been the case lately) I stan for the Neutrogena Acne Wash. It’s a gentle cleanser that’s still effective on damaged skin. The foamy formula allows for a quick wash which is perfect for my on-to-go days or when I am traveling.

Rite Aid Beauty Neutrogena Gorgeous In Grey

Join me and support this great cause (and get the glow up you deserve). Neutrogena is donating $5 to Susan G. Komen for every two Pink Grapefruit or other Neutrogena skincare products purchased at any Rite Aid retail store or online at www.RiteAid.com.

So now it’s your turn! Let me know how breast cancer has affected you and how you plan to give back (read: how many sets of Neutrogena are you buying?)?

Disclosure: While this post is sponsored by Rite Aid, you beauties know that all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make my blog possible!

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