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If you missed my personal #BlackGirlMagic moment last week allow me to catch you up. In my partnership with the American Heart Association (see all the work I’ve done with them here) I was asked to host the red carpet during the Red Dress Collection fashion show presented by Macy’s and Go Red For Women.

This experience has been one of those full circle moments.

Two years ago, I really wanted to attend the Red Dress Collection show but I didn’t get an invite. So instead of pouting, I ended up recapping the show highlights from my office desk (I was practicing tip # 3 from this post on how you get invited to NYFW shows). Last year, I was invited backstage where I interviewed Ciara, Laverne Cox and Hoda Kotb! Here’s where we insert the largest GASP ever right here!


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And this year, girl, it was pure perfection! It was one of those moments where you have to pinch yourself and do all kinds of praise dances and fashionable cartwheels to thank all the Gods that man ever believed in because you can hardly believe it’s happening. Like really happening.

Danielle's legs tho! #Jello

Danielle’s legs tho! #Jello

I got to share this moment with my blogger boo, Danielle Gray from The Style & Beauty Doctor who live tweeted the experience for the American Heart Association. Most of the time I am the ONLY brown girl so it was a pleasure to be able to share my #BlackGirlMagic moment with Danielle.

Getting ready for the show and deciding what I was going to wear was the fun part. I searched everywhere for a red dress and finally found this amazing number online from ASOS. I prayed that it fit and *shimmies* it did!

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ASOS Club L Plus Plunge Front Cape Overlay Maxi Dress (Shop it here!)

My good good girlfriend and blogger boo, Kellie Brown from And I Get Dressed basically told me that she’d stone me if I wore black shoes so I headed to Macy’s.

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Who knew sparkly shoes was so darn important. I am still on the hunt for gold and silver metallic shoes so if you see some, tweet me!

The red carpet was equal parts glorious and massively chaotic. People were EVERYWHERE! But this is the norm.

In addition to covering the red carpet, I also got to attend the show. If you missed the live stream this season, you have to make it a must-watch this September. Besides being one of those fashion shows that sparks change in everyone, it’s a show where EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the building is flawless. I’ve never been in a room with so many gorgeous women in red! Here’s a few pics from the runway.

[envira-gallery id=”25740″]

Of course, I have to end this post with why I’m going red for women. 

My experience with my health has been mostly denial. I’ve always hated doctors. The nasty waiting room. The smell of the plastic everywhere, just eew! I was the kid screaming and hollering like someone was murdering me before the needle even hit my arms. The phobia is so real you guys! But watching my mother succumb to cancer changed everything! As I rock out my last year of my thirties, my health (especially my heart health) has become more of a priority to me.

I’ve officially cut out red meat, with the goal of eating only fish and chicken then eventually cutting out meat altogether. Or just not having it as often as I do. I am still torn on #VeganLife because I am so the meat and potatoes kinda girl. But at this point, unless I am growing the meat myself or mysteriously finding a budget for farm fed meat, I have to cut back. I’m also adding in more veggies, fruit, and WATER! Lastly, I pledge to stop donating to my gym and actually go!

So tell me what you’re doing this year to change your health status?

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  1. February 20, 2016 / 10:21 pm

    Ohh, sounds like such a beautiful and memorable moment! You look beyond gorgeous – I mean, that skin glow situation… -!
    Much love xx


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