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I’m never surprised at the trolls. They are everywhere. There is a segment of our society that has a hard time embracing the idea that curvy girls have a right to wear what they want to wear. Hell! Everyone has the right to wear what they want. Society wants to tell us to cover up and hide our bodies. I ain’t here for it. So I am encouraging you to look and feel great at any size.


This is why #popupplus is one of my favorite retailers. They do lookbooks 4 times a year and they hand-pick pieces, colors and trends. Basically any other thing they can think of that falls in the “Curvy Girls Can’t Wear” category. Their lookbook is a declaration to perpetual body shamers that we will continue to embrace our bodies and that this Curvy Girl Confidence Train Is Not Stopping.


This lookbook is no different. One of my favorite bloggers and #FatGirlsBeWinning creator, Shaina Harrison from Out Of The Corner is the mastermind stylist behind this lookbook. Get ready to swoon, beloveds.

We have a true love of summer so the white lookbook is always one of our favs! Even now one of the biggest questions we often get is – “As a curvy girl can I wear white?” and the answer is always HELL YES….

Since summer is kinda officially here let’s celebrate with lots of sexy, fun, bold, cute, glamorous…”insert your own words here” looks! We can start with these from popupplus!

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Pop Up Plus All White Look Book

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  1. November 1, 2018 / 11:07 pm

    They are definitely gorgeous with their white dress. I thank you for posting this because you gave us good information about this article.

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