2019 came in with a vengeance and I quickly realized that I had too many clothes. But here’s my issue. I wanted more. So in order to honor my wants I had to do some purging. At the top of the year, I got rid of everything that didn’t serve (including some people but that’s a whole other story). JCPenney reached out and asked did I want to participate in their new denim campaign. I looked at my closet and lower my head. I had over 30 pairs of jeans that I hadn’t worn. Some with tags still dangling from the waistlines. My friend and I spent a day purge my closet. Starting with my jeans first. But that meant I could finally shop JCPenney’s broad selection of jeans for women. 

In my latest YouTube above, I’m dancing in the fitting room of JCPenney all while sliding into their super comfy jeans. Make sure you thumbs up my video, comment, and subscribe to my channel. Also, hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss the next video! XO



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