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SHOP MY LOOK: Balconette Bra, Briefs

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet because I am currently in Vegas living my best life with my best friend. I was invited by IHG Rewards Club for a weekend of 114 degree weather (trust this is not me complaining) and there may have been a few Vegas shows, a Spa visit and unlimited poolside cocktails. More on that later. But for now, let’s get into my bikini from Lane Bryant. 


I mean how cute is this bikini tho!

I was thinking the other day, for a person who never learned how to swim…my collection is kinda beastly! It’s almost rude. And I feel you judging me but I kinda don’t care because if I’m not able to swim laps around you I can at least twirl around you in all my cuteness.

Lane Bryant Swim Suit 1

SHOP MY LOOK: Balconette Bra 40G, Briefs Size 18

And this bikini was made just for that! Unlike some swim suits this one is made just like a bra so your girls are forever supported and lifted up to the gawds. Per my Lane Bryant connect, I ordered the same size that I would have worn in a regular bra. She was right, it fit perfectly. My briefs are a size 18 (which I normally wear) and to be honest they could be a little looser. It’s a full coverage brief so it’s gonna suck everything in for a nice smooth look. I debated about returning them and getting a size 20 but the way this new low-carb diet is set up I might loose a few inches and be set.

Lane Bryant Swim Suit 8

SHOP MY LOOK: Balconette Bra – 40G, Briefs – Size 18, Open-Front Maxi Cover Up Size – 14/16

Come through thighs!

I finished off this look with this floral open-front maxi cover up. I also misjudged the sizing on this one. If you are busty girl like me you might wanna pay close attention to the size chart. Normally in dresses from Lane Bryant I am a size 16 and I was thinking it would be big if I ordered an 18…. not this one. It’s pretty true to size and this 14/16 is a bit snug for my taste.

Lane Bryant Swim Suit 9

SHOP MY LOOK: Balconette Bra – 40G, Briefs – Size 18, Open-Front Maxi Cover Up Size – 14/16

It doesn’t look bad when I close the cover up, I just know this isn’t how it’s supposed to be. If you look at the model on their website it closes a little better. Like all the way! HOWEVER, I still love it and plan on rocking it all summer with other suits.

Lane Bryant Swim Suit 6

Hurry before it sells out! Shop my look here: Balconette Bra – 40G, Briefs – Size 18, Open-Front Maxi Cover Up Size – 14/16

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  1. August 6, 2016 / 11:00 pm

    You are really working that olive! I love it!

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