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SO sorry for my late NYFW posts. Life has been kicking a$$ in a good way and I’ve been all over the place contributing to other major magazines and blogs. Of course I am doing my best not to let GIG suffer but sometimes you need a break, right. Ok there’s my disclaimer. During NYFW I had so much fun networking and attending events outside of tents. And even though I have Chloe (my Canon) I still forgot to put her to use. I swear I will do better next time. Anywhos … enjoy my photo diary, because I sure did! XOXO


There was a photo booth inside the tents sponsored by some iron company (shrugs) my bloggersita Kee from and I had to get in and clown a bit. It gave you a color slide and black/white slide. Our B/W photo looked hella cray!


I was really geeked about going to the Rachel Roy show. I am still trying to figure out the rhyme or reason to the PR lists because it’s often so random. But I definitely loved the collection. Check out my review here.


My picture was taken by again. I think the photog recognized me and so we’re on his radar now. Aside from the fact that she looked uber cute so I was the default accessory, LOL.

We sitting on the floor (MBFW please do better with media sitting, sheesh) and a PR guy asked us did we wanna go to a VIP party (in the back) sponsored by Fiber One… SUUUUURRRRRE! We headed in and the style editor for NBC (I think) Bobbie Thomas was there. It was a good way to relax with champagne and little Fiber One sundaes! 

My homegirl Danielle from interviewing Bobbie Thomas. Bobbie was super nice, she asked for our biz cards and loved my grey hair. She said she wanted to do a feature on my grey hair —- I am still waiting (patiently) Bobbie. 


I was also invited to Plus Model Magazine’s 1st NYFW conference. They introduced us to an outwear brand, Just As You Are. Free cocktails, finger foods, and a fashion show – my kinda conference. The photog kept snapping candids of me tweeting and yapping my mouth. (peep my big black rose, thanks to my besties, Bethany, for letting me steal it!) Oh and we all get free coats! WOOT WOOT. 

After the conference we all went up to the rooftop of the Hudson Hotel (which I walked 20 blocks to get to) to celebrate my boo’s birthday, Marie Denee (on the left) from The Curvy Fashionista. We toasted to great times and budding friendships. Marie has been a mentor in my blogging journey and I also redesigned her logo AND contribute to her blog.

I had another event, Bloggers Night Out, to attend that evening.. umm nope didn’t make it. 

My Forever21 shopping buddy Melissa from The Fat Apple. 


Every so often you will see a “sponsored post” on my blog and if you’ve ever looked to the right or above my nav bar you will see a few advertisements. Well those are all thanks to an affiliate program I belong to – I love them, even before they gathered all their bloggers together for Dinner at Fred’s in Barneys, and gave us all a big sequins bag of goodies including Marc Jacobs delish fragrance Daisy. Since it was at Barneys, I figured I put a dress on (from Forever21 of course). Ask me why this photogs logo is so damn big covering up my dress and accessories, ugh!


It was a yummy seated dinner. I had the salmon which was cooked perfectly and had me thinking if I could ever afford to come back. They actually put you at table with someone from Glam and then other bloggers from all different levels. I appreciated this because as a shy gal (shut up) it really makes you talk to strangers! 


I was sitting next to Amanda from Prim and Propah. You know sometimes when you meet people it’s like you’ve known them forever (or maybe it was the cocktails, lol). She’s certainly the white version of me, I kid kinda. Amanda’s quirky vibe had us all in laughs and amazing conversation which lead to this image of us giggling about who knows what, I cannot remember. But still one reason why I love photography. I can always remember this moment. 

We also had a comedian at our table. Well she’s really a fab writer (TheBlayReport) and was the fashion editor of – but Zandile is beyond humble and really knows the woman she is. I loved her vibe. Sean was a pretty darn cute arm piece. We had just met him. 


Ask me why I was nervous as heck when I saw supermodel & Covergirl Jessica White. She even asked did I want to take a pic with her. She looked amazing I didn’t wanna ruin the pic, le sigh!






On the next to the last day I remembered that I had Chloe with me when I saw stylist Kristen. Uber cute in her Marc Jacobs skirt, right. We started a Paps frenzy because all the photogs came over and started taking her picture asking “who is she” … lol gotta love ’em! 


She was very urban chic. I got her card but of course I cannot find it, perhaps I should unpack right? She owned a boutique in NY and I loved her earring!


Every season I see June Ambrose (stylist to the stars #IRL) and every season I opt not to take a picture with her. I swear to baby Jesus I will in February!

Ok so I could go on and on with pictures but I won’t. Head over to my facebook page if you’d like to see more pics of the people and the designs I saw.








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