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So I’ve been cheating on everyone. I just realized that I’m only loyal to you guys here on my blog. Here’s the deal.


Back in 2010, I was totes in love with Twitter, then I dumped Twitter for Facebook. Facebook is still my jam (she’s like my main piece) for finding all my news but then suddenly Instagram stole my heart and I was immediately filled with inspiration. Then Snapchat became a thing and of course I dumped IG for her because Snapchat is new and colorful and fun. Then *gasps* Periscope came along. I never really got a chance to completely fall in love with Periscope because no sooner than I started figuring out my way around the app, Blab came along. She’s my new new! I think I love her!


She’s totally the new kid on the block. So much so that she’s still in her training bra (aka it’s in Beta). Every day they’re tweaking it and every day is a new experience for me.

So what is Blab?

Imagine Blab being the illegitimate child of Google Hangout and Periscope. It has the ability to have a 4 person live stream chat without the horrible looping back and forth that Google Hangouts provides. Plus, you still have an interactive chat room and praise hands/feels (aka you can still beg for hearts) just like Periscope. I swear I love her.

One night me and Kela were up late (per usual) and we got to actually chat with the CEO, CTO and product designer of Blab. How freaking cool is that? There’s an option to record the live stream which gives you an embed code an audio and mp4 downloads PLUS it sends your followers a replay link. No more 24 hours and your content is GONE! Also they just updated it so we all have a profile link which highlights all of your previous blab (see:

This means you can do a webinar and sell it later, a Podcast, interviews…the options for creating unique and engaging content is endless. And you should know by now, I am here for good content. Good content brings traffic and traffic will bring you money! PERIOD. There’s no skipping on good content (more on that in a rant on one of the many platforms we have access to).

Check out our chat with the CEO of Blab.



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  1. August 13, 2015 / 1:48 pm

    Blab seems like it would be useful for those that already have a following but since I’m still building and I barely use Periscope regularly I’ll wait it out.

    • August 13, 2015 / 1:54 pm

      True but if you are following the right people and watching their moves you will learn valuable tips to build your following too!

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