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Last month I discussed my partnership with THE eyeSOLUTION from Alcon and wanted to share a little more. I’ve been wearing glasses and/or contact lenses for almost two decades. And before I became an entrepreneur I was a slave to the world of cubicles so my eyes have been in struggle mode for what feels like most of my life. After writing all day and having to attend swanky events in the city I want to feel and look my best. Throughout the years I’ve learned a few tricks, especially being a freelancer. So because I love you like fresh buttered biscuits, I am sharing my tips for how to relieve your computer eyestrain.


Use eye drops

When I’m not wearing my contacts I use eye drops. My go-to drops are SYSTANE® Lubricant Eye Drops (which are often recommended by optometrists). These drops help replace the moisture that disappears from my eyes when I’ve been chained to my computer for 10 hours out of my day. I keep these drops in my purse for instant relief when my tired eyes start to burn or sting (because duh, they’ve been open all day). For me, it’s the difference between complete misery and extensive comfort

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Take a break

I like to use the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away. This also let’s me think about my next task I have to complete. Blinking often helps too! Staring at computer screens can dry our eyes and cause redness and irritation

Keep your monitor bright

I’m not sure how people can even see with dimmed computer screens. But I like to turn it all the way up to reduce my eye fatigue. And I read somewhere on the Internet that “a bright monitor causes your pupil to constrict, which results in a greater range of focus.” I’m not sure if that’s true but I feel like we can trust the Internet now, right?

Keep a clean screen

Just like your eyes need extra care and moisture, your computer needs love too. Clean your monitor regularly to get all of that nasty dust away. You could also purchase an anti-glare screen if you’re feeling fancy.

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Because our eyes are super important to our quality of life we really have to pay attention to the amount of time we spend looking at screens. Use my tips above to add a bit of comfort to your daily workload.

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