Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment.

Everyone who knows me knows two things; I’m a natural and I’m serious about my hair. With that being said, I have to take care of my hair and show it the love and attention it deserves. However, proper hair care maintenance, or any maintenance for that matter, takes a lot of time and effort. Well, I want to live, and that means not spending an entire day washing and styling my hair. What I am about to share with you could be the cure for those long wash days.



While on Instagram, as I normally am, I stumbled upon a contest being hosted by Naturalicious (naturalicious1 on Instagram). The company was giving away its Moroccan Rhassoul 5-in-1 Clay Treatment. First off, the name of the product is intriguing. Second, I just wanted to win something after months of entering contest and not winning (smile). Before the contest ended, I did a little research on the product. This product claimed to do five different processes in one.

It says it will clean, condition, detangle, deep condition and act as a leave in conditioner (cue gasps). After researching, I REALLY wanted to win. And due to the fact that I am writing this article, it’s safe to say that I did. The product was shipped to me very quickly and even included a handwritten note; I didn’t think people still did that. That extra touch tells me this company is all about customer service, and I like it!

I was dying to find out if this product actually did what it claimed so I used it right away. At first, the consistency surprised me. Then I remembered its clay, not a shampoo. Once I got passed that, the process was not bad at all. My first task was to test the detangling claim. I used about a quarter size on a section and began to run my fingers through. Normally I would use a detangling tool, but to my surprise I didn’t need one. The detangling process went fairly quickly.

I continued to massage the product in my hair and washed it out after a few minutes. The texture of the product is a bit gritty and I thought my hair would feel hard and gritty as well, but it did not. Instead it was soft and manageable. The other attributes this product claimed seemed to have worked as well.

I couldn’t believe that my wash process was complete; 20 minutes had passed and I was 75% of the way complete with my ENTIRE wash day. I could go on and on, but let’s just say this product did what it claimed and cut my wash day dramatically. Will I use it again? Absolutely and I recommend you try it as well. There are two versions, the Curly/Wavy edition or the Kinky/Coily edition. Be sure to get the edition that’s right for your hair. If you try or have tried it, let me know what you think.

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  1. April 3, 2014 / 11:38 am

    Thanks so much for the feature! We are super excited that you loved the products so much!

    <3 and blessings to you!

  2. Mijiza
    April 12, 2014 / 10:09 am

    Your curls are popping!

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