Maven Car Service

When I first discovered the Maven car-sharing app I didn’t have my license so my husband drove the truck around. Now that I’m an adult and I’m out here riding and getting I have some tips and tricks for you in using the app. 


Maven Car Service


I took the Chevy Equinox out on the road last month. A group of girlfriends and I traveled to Deep Creek, VA for a girls getaway that involved lots of snow and a few closed roads. Once we finally got settled I took some time to really think about my experience with the app.

Keep your phone charged.

While the car came with a charger for both Android and iPhone the cord in the truck I took on the road didn’t work. And since you need your phone to unlock and lock the car, it’s best to keep your phone on 100 and have your own cord on hand.

Expect some lag time.

Since everything happens with your phone and you can’t just pull out your keys you will have to dig deep and find patience. They were a few times where I was outside the truck waiting for my phone to respond. After the 4th or 5th time my phone found some act right and realized what we were doing so I can’t specifically blame the app.

It comes with a gas card but…

So… there’s a gas card in the visor but it’s not a VISA or anything like that. When I went to go use it at the gas station Becky was mighty confused. I never found a station to accept the card that was offered because I had to be on the road at a certain time and of course I was running late.

Maven Car Service

New car status

Using the Maven car-sharing app will make you want a car. Period. All the cars and trucks are brand new and loaded. The truck had a backup camera, On-Star GPS, dual heating controls, and even came with a snow scraper. They thought of everything.

You can grab a Maven car by the hour or by the day. I’m officially a loyal customer!


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  1. Marshall Brown
    January 28, 2019 / 7:00 am

    Hey, thanks for the review on app, cheers!

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