Back in April, GM Motors launched it’s Maven car-sharing app in Baltimore. Since our wedding was mostly DIY (read: we did everything ourselves) it made perfect sense to utilize this service for our wedding weekend. But also, what bride has $300 for a limo to take them from the hotel to the venue, and for me, that was 10 miles–not this one! Just like the flowers for my wedding, the transportation options needed to be edited. We needed a car to do last minute pickups and of course, now magically our truck needs new struts and a host of other parts I can’t remember the name of. Welcome to adulthood, right. So when I found out Maven was an option it was right on time.


How does the Maven car-sharing app work?


Maven car sharing app

Reserving a vehicle with Maven is super easy. You just download the mobile app, turn on your location services and the vehicles that are available near you (make/model) will display on the app.

maven car sharing app

It will also display whether or not the vehicle is available by the day or just by the hour. Most vehicles are new or just a year old. You will also need to enter your credit card and driver’s license information in order to reserve a vehicle. The app uses Bluetooth to let you unlock and start the reserved vehicles.


Originally I was going to just catch an Uber on our wedding day but the way that wait time be set up I would have completely missed our ceremony. Since the husbae had all the tasks in the world to complete I let my bffs drive me around while he picked up the table, chairs, and decorations for our wedding. Genius idea because everything got to where it needed to be and was returned without late fees, include our Maven car!

maven car sharing app

We love the app and we only have one tip for you. Because the app is controlled solely by your phone you have to make sure it’s charged. If you have an Android (read: I’m judging you) make sure your phone just sits on the charger they whole ride. We didn’t realize there was a charger already in the car until day 2. The husbae actually got stuck in the market parking lot as he was leaving because his phone died.  We had to go and bring him a portable charger. #FacePalm

Maven is also a great idea for folks who aren’t sure of what kind of car they’d like to purchase. You can reserve a car for a week or just a few days and really decide what car features are a must for you before purchasing a vehicle.

I’m currently editing my budget to see how I can add Maven car-sharing app into my weekly expenses. Being in New York for the past four years has really spoiled me and I am hating the idea of having to purchase a car (new or old).

For me, Maven will be the solution!

The service is available in Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Franciso and D.C. AND! Because I love you I have a special discount code just you (but you can share) so that you can receive 20% off your first reservation.

Download the app now and use the code RideWithTy for 20% off.

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DISCLOSURE: Maven has provided me with a product for purposes of providing a review. I received the product at no charge to me and I am under no obligation to return the product but can keep it for my own personal use. The opinions expressed here are those of my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Maven.


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  1. September 19, 2017 / 1:12 am

    Thanks Ty. I’m on it need a car this weekend for a wedding.

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