To know me is to know that I simply adore the holiday season. Everything about it makes me happy. My mom used to decorate every part of our house growing up so now my adult self tries super hard to channel my inner Denny (that was my mom) every holiday season. Somewhere around September 1st (hush it, it’s never too early), I start playing my favorite Christmas jams at max volume on my Alexa and then I begin to lug all of my cozy Christmas gear out from the back of my closet. This season, I vowed to spend my time comfortable and in a constant state of ‘Netflix and Chilling’. Which meant I needed to restock my sweater drawer.



Earlier this year LOFT expanded their sizing to offer plus and ever since I’ve been moderately obsessed. There was so much to pick from both online and in stores. And since I’m not much of a coat wearer I’m always in search for thick sweaters that will keep me warm during the winter months. I was pleased to find so many options at LOFT. This light grey drop shoulder v-neck sweater is perfect for a winter house party with the crew. I’m always looking for sweaters that are cozy but a little breathable. I get hot fast. This sweater gives an effortlessly chic vibe. It also feels like the clouds in heaven and hits right at the hip for a polished look.


I also picked up a pair of their leggings because…leggings right! In the past leggings have gotten a bad rep but as I dive deeper into my forties I am embracing my inner Auntie whose main goal in life is to be comfortable. There’s nothing worse than celebrating with your friends, indulging in delish treats and having to constantly readjust yourself and think about your exit strategy because your muffin top has clocked out. These leggings are extra comfortable with a contoured high waistband that will pull everything together without hindering your breathing process. I’m not sure I’ve ever owned a pair of leggings that were this thick.


The best part. It was on sale. SCORE! LOFT has a great selection of cozy sweaters for the winter season and because I love you I’ve listed them below for you.

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