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Oh the pursuit of happiness. I think that cliche needs an adjective like … everlasting. Because once you find happiness you have to know how to keep it. People never really school you on that thought. So I thought of 3 Life Tips For Living a Happy Life.


(Umm, I’m making a note of these for my vision board, I think I’m onto something)

1. Trash The Negative. Self Sabotage as Oprah calls it. It’s so easy to think yourself out of stuff. I could never move. I’ve always been fat. I’m not qualified for that position. Etc, Etc, Etc. The more years I accumulate on my life I realize that what I say out loud and even what I think really has a way of getting into the universe and manifesting. On the flip side, unfriend that chick who thinks you shouldn’t do this or that. The Debbie Downer in the crew will never want you to be happy — give her the boot asap. 

2. Accept The Fear In Life. Being fearless is extremely ambitious. And in most cases you will fail. Try accepting the fact you will be scared to quit your job and start a new career. But embrace it. Change is fabulous and it’s needed for growth. It is what gives us humility. It also makes for a great story to tell later. (Maybe I will write a book.) 

3. Ignore The Expectations of Society. I was talking about life and sh*t last night to my co-worker. It’s kinda crazy to me that I say things in conversation not even realizing the worth of my words. For the past few weeks my whole motto has been I’m Here For Me. Of course I’d love your approval on a lot of things. Approval means that I am right. But really the only person that needs to expect or accept anything from my life is … me. (So don’t expect that book any time soon.)

I swear once I turned 35 I truly realized what it meant to be happy. This whole Out with the Old, In the with New is a concept I can get used to for sure. And who said growing old was hard. I’m having the time of my life.

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