GIRL! Lawrd Jesus be one of those fences that hold you close to someone else who goes to church more often than you!


This happened.

I am very proud because this was on my bucket list. Actually, I wanted to full on jump out of a plane. Like a plane in the sky close to Heaven where my mother resides. In theory, it sounded like an awesome freaking idea. Until I did the faux diving, aka indoor skydiving. Those real skydiving dreams are long gone. I’m good!


I’m not sure if this is how it actually feels when you jump out of a plane or not…but it’s not a pleasant feeling. Everything was uncomfortable. Especially breathing. I realized that I am NOT a bird and I’m not equipped with the capacity to breath in that way.

Don’t get me wrong. I am sooooo glad I did it…glad I tried something new and challenged myself but BAYBEE! I don’t need to do this ever again.

Ty Alexander Indoor Skydiving iFly Westchester IMG_1070

I will say that the people at iFly were super helpful. I didn’t think those little “Adam Levine type” cuties could handle all 250+ pounds of my fabulousness BUT he showed me up and out, managing to lift me into the abyss of imaginary skies and never letting me fall to my death!

Of course we got all of this on camera. It’s a hoot to watch! Check it out below.

Oh and thanks to it Cosmetics for challenging my inner punk and serving up the best mascara ever! XO

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