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I finally got into my summer groove some time last week. Too bad we’re mid August and summer is about to exit stage left, but better late than never as the cliche goes. The same part is, I have no idea why I wasn’t feeling it. Could have been those 100 degree days we had early on? I’m sure my New Yawkers remember it. The subway stations were nothing short of a moment of hell! Or… it could have been my lack of summer wardrobe? Because freelancing has completely snatched every part of my spare change which in my previous world would allow for shopping trips. IDK.


What I do know is that once I got with it (the summer groove), I was too excited about the warm breeze and everything that came attached with it. Here’s how bright my last few weeks of summer have been?

beach with christen

This view is unfiltered! OMG I wanna live there.


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My boo thang!

I managed to sneak away to the beach with the homie, DivasAndDorks! It was a fabulous Saturday filled with ratchet laughing episodes and a much needed visit to Five Guys. Can you believe Christen had never been before? Well, you know she’s a fan now. I think our blogger meetings will now be held with a fat burgers and fries. I also hit up the #LegendsOfTheSummer concert with Jay Z and Justin Timberlake in Baltimore with my besties and a few of my fave girlfriends! I. Had. A. Ball! Like seriously, I do believe that I am truly a Jay Z fan. I knew all the words, and rap/sang along. I totes was not there for JT.

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Obvi I am a MK fan!

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Can you tell we had a freaking blast!?

I debuted my neon Michael Kors clutch, which all my friends attempt to steal once they get a glance of it, and I brought back my fave neon bracelet from Forever 21. Because as you know neon is the best trend ever and we should have never fell out of love with her. Plus it’s the perfect hue to add to your boring LBD. Peplum has officially become my must-have item in my closet. In my mind, a great fitting peplum top replaces that tight ill-fitting shapewear. I attended a fall preview for Simply Be and I must say… I looked real cute (in my most urbanest voice ever).

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WIW: Forever 21 Peplum, ASOS Pencil Skirt, Nine West Nude Pointy-Toe Pumps

So tell me what you’ve been doing all summer?! Has it been brighter than mine!?



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