Catherine's NYC Staycation

How many times have you explored the city that you live in? You know, went somewhere new and just had fun or relaxed without the pressures of checking your inbox for a few hours. Very rarely do we take the time to enjoy moments of pleasure in our own city. I’ve been living in New York for almost four years and there are still so many things I haven’t done. So when Catherine’s decided to surprise four bloggers with a NYC staycation I gladly excepted.


Staycations are actually quite simple to plan and can save you lots of money on expensive plane tickets and car rentals. But what you don’t want to do is stay in your hotel room the whole weekend. So here’s a few ideas for you to help you plan your next staycation in New York. 


Have a picnic in Central Park


Ok so I have been to Central Park maybe… four times? And all of those four times have been coming out or going into the train station. A picnic in the park was a genius way to start our staycation (thanks, Catherine’s). It really allowed me to stop my brain for a minute. Living in New York means that you have to keep up with the hustle of this city or that same hustle will eat you alive.

Being a New Yorker sometimes means that you never look up to see the sleekness of each building, you never sit still long enough to hear your own heartbeat (it’s a gorgeous sound) and you definitely never smile back at the strangers who ask you for directions. On your staycation, you should try your hardest to sit still and enjoy the natural joys that surround you.

Catherine's NYC Staycation

On this staycation I was with my blogger babes Kelly (@KellyAugustineB), Beck (@Manfattan) and Meagan (@LittleLimeDress) so you know the laughs were served long and hearty. Our spot in the park was perfect for people watching (a must-do in New York city), girl time and some homemade apple pie!

Catherine's NYC Staycation

We also played a few games in the park because…you gotta work off those biscuits and that champagne. Let’s just say potato sacks do not come in plus sizes. This got really interesting.

Stay in a boutique hotel

Catherine's NYC Staycation

There’s no shortage of great hotels in New York city but I really encourage you guys to stay at a smaller boutique hotel. The Ludlow Hotel is one of the more youthful and hip places to stay.

Catherine's NYC Staycation

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I am pretty sure there was a rock band staying on our floor (they weren’t loud or anything, they were just uber cute to look at) The red-bricked hotel is nestled in the heart of Lower East Side surrounded by good eats, infamous NY graffiti murals and it’s close to a few trains for easy traveling (the F and the 6 are within a 10-minute walk).

GROUP_0254 edit

Listen! The details in the bathroom are breathtaking. I have to figure out how to convince the boy to allow me to decorate my life in gold. It’s just so chic and magical.



Beyond the bathroom there was a little living area just above the bedroom with a large window overlooking lively Essex Street, perfect for people watching and it let in just the right amount of sunshine perfect for cuddling. The hotel is a little snug but aesthetically fun and Parisian inspired. I’ll get to Paris soon.

Visit an iconic spot

Catherine's NYC Staycation

New York arguable has some of the best places to eat. And when I say eat I mean eat. I’m not talking about the places that make you wear a suit and tie or a cocktail dress just to serve you their kid sized dinner treats. I am talking about the kinds of places that have your tummy full for the next six hours. The kinds of places that the President visits. I’m talking about Katz’s Deli!


Katz’s Deli is famous for it’s corn beef and pastrami sandwiches however, every single thing on their menu will have you on your knees praying for Baby Jesus to make more room in your belly.

Take a helicopter ride

Catherine's NYC Staycation

I ain’t gonna lie. I was a little scared. And while taking a helicopter ride was on my bucket list, I was not going to be mad if I never did it. But I grabbed my friend’s hand and we were off. The ride was smooth and our pilot from our Liberty Helicopter tour was mad cute to listen to.

Catherine's NYC Staycation

This picture does absolutely no justice for the view you’ll experience. The ride is about 15 minutes (trust me that is all you will ever need on a helicopter) and gives you views of popular NYC landmarks like Central Park and the Freedom Tower.

See some city

Catherine's NYC Staycation

New York is loaded with things to do but one of my favorites is to walk briskly on the Highline. The Highline is a 1.45-mile-long linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line. Not only is it great for people watching (see the theme here!), it’s good exercising, there’s vendors, a little bar and an eatery section along the way. I also take this time to dream a bit and imagine what living in the heart of Manhattan would feel like. The Highline is literally someone’s backyard.

Make your way down to SOHO for a little retail therapy and you’re likely to find one of the best cocktails of your life at any bar in the neighborhood. It’s literally prime shopping and dining territory. There will also be plenty of graffiti walls for you to take pictures in front of and become a blogger for the day.

Staycations can be done in any city around the world and I encourage you to take your next trip right in your hometown. In the meantime, if you liked this post you can thank me by leaving a comment and sharing this post on social media.

While this post is sponsored by Catherine’s, you beauties know that all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make my blog possible!


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