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“I’m not getting sick this trip, I’m not getting sick this trip, I AM NOT GETTING SICK THIS TRIP!” That is me willing healthy travel months into existence. But who are we kidding. We can say this all we want but if we’re not armed with a wellness-boosting arsenal of products and routines, we are bound to catch some kind of bug that promises to ruin your vacation.


We always think things are so simple but we are bound to forget while we are in motion and excited to get away. So here’s a few road-tested tips and tricks on how not to get sick on vacation for all my globetrotting friends!



1. Bring your medication from home.

Do not rely on getting something for cramps or headaches while you are away. When traveling (especially abroad) buying something even as simple as DayQuil can be very difficult. Language barriers and availability can make it really tricky to know exactly what you’re buying. A lot of folks have medications that just seem to work best for them, and if this is the case, bring them from home. I always pack DayQuil and ZzzQuil (because I need peaceful sleep on my flights) in my carry on.

2. Hydrate as much as you can.

I actually hate doing this because my bladder isn’t loyal. I’ll be that annoying girl asking you to move every 3o minutes on the flight. But it’s important to stay hydrated while you are traveling. Bring your favorite bottle water and keep it filled with bottled water so that you can sip on it periodically throughout the day. Drinking the tap water is ok for the locals of the country but your tummy might not be use to the water of their land.

3. Eat boiled food.

This is an old traveler’s standby. Always ask how your food is prepared. When in doubt of how, eat only food that is boiled. Germs will be killed off nearly instantly by boiling.

4. Become a germaphobe.

I normally hate these folks in our every day lives but when traveling we share a lot of public spaces. Sometimes we’re shaking hands, and doing the semi-annoying British kiss left cheek kiss right (or it is right than left?) so be conscious about touching your eyes, nose and mouth. And while there’s no substitute for hand-washing it’s not always an option when on the road so bring an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for when you can’t get to the bathroom.

I always bring my own blanket. Most airlines will offer you one but sometimes it’s not wrapped in plastic which means it’s been laying on the lap of the girl on the flight before you. Your imagination can take it from there as to what the person before you could have done with it. No way ma’am!

I know some of you are expert travelers too, so leave a comment below with your best travel tip!

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  1. December 8, 2016 / 8:50 am

    This is perfect! I’m preparing for my first out of country trip in a few months and besides getting ready to annoy the hell out of my doctor about everything, these are the perfect tips! Thanks Ty! ❤️

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