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We have all experienced random spells of insomnia a few times in our lives. But for some people, getting a good nights rest can be rare. If you’re one of those people, changing your lifestyle and routine can make a huge difference. Sleep is way too important to our overall health, so don’t skimp out on quality beauty rest.


Apply these tips to your lifestyle and beat the struggle with insomnia.



1. Get Yourself on A Sleep Schedule: Fall asleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day. One thing about insomnia is that falling asleep can be unpredictable and annoying. Once you have established a good ritual for yourself, make sure you keep your body on a tight schedule so it will tell itself to fall asleep. Doing this will make when you fall asleep more predictable and less frustrating. And speaking of rituals…

2, Create a Ritual: This can help you make a huge change because your body can get use to being relaxed at night and fall asleep easier. Do what you need to do to get your mind off of anything that may stress you out, like taking a bubble bath or reading, so you can be clear-headed and catch some good zzz’s.

3. Meditation: This one isn’t for everybody, but if you’re a spiritually sound person, then trying to meditate and calming your mind before bed might be a great sleep aid.


4. Don’t Use Any Electronics In Bed: That means no TV, no Instagram, no Kindles or any form of technology while you’re in bed at anytime. You want your body to associate your bed with sleep when your body hits your bed. Reserve your living room, your working desk, or any area outside of your bed for leisure activities. Also the light from the screen will stimulate your brain too much and keep it wired.

5. No Caffeine: Avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Depending on what time you wake up, anywhere from 12-3pm is a good time frame to have your last cup of coffee or tea. Watch out for decaf because even decaf contains small amounts of caffeine, so try to stay away from it all.


6. No Naps: This can be tough because fighting sleep is difficult for many, but if you must take a cat nap, keep it short. Don’t nap over 30 minutes because your body will enter into a deeper sleep cycle that might mess up the rhythm of your body’s natural pattern of sleep. Also when you nap, try to nap after you eat lunch when you’re more likely to get the “itis”.

7. Work It Out: Exercising can be a huge help when you’re on the quest for better sleep. Just make sure you’re not working out close to bed time because you still might be energized from your workout when its time for you to wind down at bedtime. Getting your body tired at the start of your day is an excellent way to induce sleep by the end of the night.


8. Day Dream at Night: Visualize yourself doing something that makes you happy. Imagine a scenario that you want to happen to yourself. Doing this gets your mind off of the stresses of tomorrow and gives your body positives vibes to fall asleep. Also it helps you to have more pleasant dreams if you suffer from frequent bad dreams and  nightmares. Think of it like an adult bedtime story.

9. Forget the Clock: Don’t even think about time because its only going to stress you out more. Thinking “ugh I have to be up in four hours” forces the process and actually prevents you from falling asleep faster. To make things easier, try turning off your clock or moving it to a place where you can’t see it, but make sure you can hear it when its time to wake up.

10. Stay Consistent: Don’t give up! You can do it and stick to it. There may be various disturbances in your life that might tamper with your natural sleep pattern, but working hard to keep yourself in a good place is imperative to make a change with your sleep hygiene.


Sleeping is absolutely imperative! Getting good sleep is not only beneficial to your health, it improves your overall productivity in your life. Work becomes easier because you’re not falling asleep at your desk and school is more useful because you’re actually listening in class, so make these changes to your daily routine and you should be sleeping like a baby in no time.

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