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Spring has sprung, or so I’ve heard. I really can’t tell. I live in South Texas and I had my heat on last night. Any who, the calendar says it’s spring, so spring it will be. It’s really is my favorite season. First, my birthday comes just have the beginning of spring. Second, the weather warms up and it’s time to break out the high shorts (not too high), thong sandals, and those hot mani/pedi’s. Spring is also a time when many of us ladies get that new color or haircut we’ve been wanting.  I won’t be cutting my hair this year, but I am looking for a hot new color.



In trying to keep up with the trendy people of the world, not too much though because things change so often, I like to stay on par with what’s hot. I’ve done some extensive, painstaking research (insert big laugh here) to find the hottest, trendiest, hair and nails for the spring.

Bold color is definitely on-trend and those long pointy nails that scare me a little are perfect for my daring fashionistas. As always, I’ve combined some pictures of a few of the trends I found. Why? You know why.

Take a look at the gallery; I hope you find some inspiration.  Happy spring!

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