Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Scary Doll Face

Yup this is a Halloween Makeup Tutorial. And this Scary Doll Face was super easy. How’d I do? (You can answer in the comments ON the video). But remember when I use to make YouTube videos about makeup and stuff. And remember when you use to watch them. And subscribe and do that little thumbs up thing. And tell your friends about me, HA! Let’s get back to that. OKURRT! So I’m back with another video (insert annoying YouTuber voice). But no really, you guys have been in my DMs begging for some makeup and skincare videos (watch that one here) so I’m finally unraveling my lazy vibes and sitting them aggressively in the trash. Let’s see if we can end 2018 with 10K subbies on YouTube. I’m a little over 5K now so 10K is ambitious but I have faith that you will tell your friends who will subscribe and then tell their friends who will also subscribe who will…you see the pattern that we are going to create here! Awesome. Now let’s get into this video. 


A little backstory and maybe some encouragement for my fellow creators

I recorded this video LAST Halloween. Like it’s 2018 now. What is my life? And if you look closely I have long hair in this video. So no need to call me out ?. But I’ve been in this heavy space this kind of lack of inspo funk. The footage just sat until it was too late. I looked up and it was Oct 31 something and people no longer gave a damn about Halloween. So I said I’ll just hold on to this for next year. And here we are, 2018. Because guess what, Halloween comes EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: Scary Doll Face

Anyways! I got the idea from my good girlfriend Tashia. She’s a face painting artist. You have to follow her. She’s nice with the brush and crazy funny.

So enjoy the video. Subscribe if you haven’t already and share and thumbs…do it all cause you love me!

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