This year I told myself that I would utilize all of my talents. Back in the day, I did some modeling (that’s sounds so, “Welcome to the 40 and over club” but whatever!). And by modeling I mean…I was local. AF! I did all those borderline ghetto fashion shows in the DMV and I even went on to produce a huge show in Baltimore. But I left that world and headed to New York to become a writer (which will always be my main bih, I’m an author now!). But for me, modeling is a close second. My love for modeling is kind of a no brainer. You get dolled up, get your hair did, put on designer clothes, sport some even fancier shoes, twirl around a bit, smile a whole lot and then you get paid. Sign me all the way up!

I had to opportunity to work with on their Spring Trends IT List.

The best part about modeling [clothes] is that my personal style is always challenged. I remember trying this outfit on thinking, “I’d never wear that’! But I’m a model so I will be your walking hanger. It’s not about me, its about the clothes. And that statement is so true. When you’re modeling, it’s all about the clothes and your job is to sell the damn clothes Gina!


But once I got dolled up, got my hair did, put on the clothes, sported some even fancier shoes, twirled around a bit, smiled a whole lot…I fell completely in love with this look. So you can guess what’s on my spring wardrobe list…yep, striped pants!

Check out the video below! And since I KNOW you love me leave a comment and share with your friends and all that jazz that comes with loving someone.

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