I’m finally pulling the trigger on our first event. I am so freaking nervous. Like anxiety on twenty-one thousand. But I’m pushing forward and allowing my passion for helping you to spill out into the Universe (read: I’m doing what God told me to do).

My vision for Destination Heal was not clear in the beginning. It was just a way for me to keep the conversation about my book alive. But then you made magic happen and shared your souls with us. Now, Destination Heal is a social wellness community designed to help you cultivate life-shifting healing experiences. Our mission is to connect harmonious healers through our events, retreats and social platforms. 


Our first event is just that. Us sharing.

It’s a soul connecting day where we not only share our most vulnerable thoughts but we also learn that (1) it’s ok to do just that and (2) how to take those shared moments and move forward in our quest for healing.

I’m also feeding you and gifting you a wildly amazing goodie bag, packed with some exclusive DH swag that only you will have. If you’ve ever watched my Instagram Stories then you know I’ve got the keys to the best of the best.

And because this is my very first event I’ve decided to host only 35 people. Here’s why! I want to pour into every single person that comes. With that said, tickets will go fast!

But today I am releasing the early bird tickets just to you, my faves (Shh, don’t tell anyone!).

Click the image below to save your spot and get an exclusive early bird ticket.

(P.S.If you are coming from out of town, I will have hotel information for you in the coming weeks.)

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