At my job, we debate heavily on pop culture and life happenings–all day! So when Beyonce‘s GQ cover leaked last night it was the talk of the morning when I got to work. From “she ain’t have no damn baby”, to “as a new mommy, she really shouldn’t be on magazine covers half naked”, the comments were deep and hours later we were still yapping about it.

My boss asked us all to chime in on this now controversial cover. You may be surprised at my comment but… 


Well, here’s why I hate that I love it so much (don’t forget to chime in the comment sections!).


So, we all really believe Blue Ivy was birthed from the ‘oh great and powerful one’ better known as Beyonce. This will always be an on-going debate for me. But what’s not up for debate is how stunning this chic looks on everything. It’s like someone sprinkled magic love-me-forever dust all over everything King Bey does. I mean, Beyonce ain’t even as cute as Beyonce, but we still co-sign for every song, magazine cover and even her not-so-awesome clothing line.

This why I don’t even question GQ’s headline, “The 100 Sexiest Women Of The 21st Century: Starting With Beyonce.” Are we just programmed to believe in everything Beyonce does, even if it’s bullsh*t? Rihanna’s GQ cover held a much higher crush value that lived way deep in my soul (I still gaze over her under boobs), but yet I scurried the internet for hours last night looking for more Beyonce images.

If I really have to give my honest opinion and leave my biased stan thoughts in my back pocket–it’s a bit trashy for the likes of Beyonce’s perfect cookie cutter image, but I guess even Bey knows that sex sells!


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