A great red lip is a perfect way to show off your personality. One of the reasons I became a beauty blogger is because makeup and all it’s accessories really set the mood. Whether you are fierce and in boss mode or chill and breezy adding a bold lip will always make you appear just a little more dressed up, no matter what you’re wearing. I know that wearing a red lip on your melanated skin can be tricky. So as a rule, I love red lipsticks with blue tints versus one with an orange tint. But at the end of the day, it’s all about your preference. And that’s where I come in to help you. Here are 10 of the best red lipsticks of all time, for any skin tone but specifically my brown girls. 


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1.) Sephora Collection Matte Red in Always Red $14


sephora matte red lipstick

This red is beyond a classic and definitely my all-time favorite (I’m wearing it in the picture above). It’s probably the first red I ever tried. I remember instantly falling in love with it. It’s the kind of red that needs no chaser (read: no lip liner). It has more of a blue tint which is perfect for brown girls. Warning: because it’s on the cheap side you can plan to reup your coverage midday. You get what you pay for.  

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