Storytime: So one night I was up on my phone Facebook surfing until the Sandman attacked my eyelids. It must have been around midnight or maybe later. My good good girlfriend, Danielle Young (if you follow me on social than you already know her) posted that she had just found one of those flight deals and bought had bought herself a roundtrip ticket to Belize.

Guess how much “said” ticket was?


Under $200!

Her post was a call to all of her Internet cousins, and real-life friends, asking if we wanted to join her in Belize for her birthday. HELL YEA. So I powered up my laptop and searched for this golden flight to Belize.

Yep, found it. That was in March of 2016.

Fast forward to September 2016 and we’ve got two stops in Belize courtesy of two resorts, Ka’Ana Resort and Victoria House. I tried to do as much vlogging as I could but listen…it was Belize and the sun was beaming and the water was warm AF so you know what we did most of the time (I still have a sick tan).

I finally had a chance to edit the footage from Belize (shout out to me for learning Final Cut Pro in 45 minutes) and I’ve got 5+ minutes or hilarity ready for you to watch! Enjoy.

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