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For so long I thought sleeveless jackets were silly (especially ones that are made with a thicker fabric). That is, until I started having personal summers and realized how thankful I am for the air that causally passes through my arm pits. It’s amazing how your mind changes when you are uncontrollably sweating and it’s only 45 degrees outside. 

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My new favorite hobby is saving items (for later) in my ASOS app while I’m trying to fall asleep. I never really fall asleep but it’s my way of NOT feeling bad about all the shopping I do. This ASOS CURVE Longline Heavy Jersey Sleeveless Jacket was one of those items I had just sitting in my cart. I had been eyeing it since before Christmas last year. It was $86. Nessa girl, I was NOT paying full price for this sleeveless “jacket”.

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Even though I fully read the description: heavyweight vest with cap sleeves and oversized pockets…yadah yadah yadah! GURL in my mind this was still just a damn vest! Even though they’re calling it a jacket. You tried it ASOS, but it’s still MAD cute.

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It finally went on sale GURL… $26! Listen, it’s still on sale right now (click here) and I will not be mad if you buy it because it’s a damn good deal that we should not pass on. Also below are a few more vests/jackets I found on the Innanets! XO

Happy shopping!


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