This season’s NYFW offered all the glamour and opulence fashion lovers have come to expect. But some brands, like Opening Ceremony and Pyer Moss, also used their platform to challenge social boundaries, leading many to wonder about fashion’s role in shifting social conversations.




The world of fashion is a sometimes contradictory place.

It offers a space of creativity and rebellion – there are no rules… well, save one. It’s a rule that has nothing to do with fabrics or patterns. Rather, the unwritten rule of fashion reveals itself on the bodies that strut down the runway, bodies that are lean, tall, and usually white. The celebration of normative bodies (read: thin, white) within the fashion industry further reveals itself when department stores refuse to sell plus-size clothing, or when retail sites only provide images of sample size models in their clothes. The absence of a full range of body types within the fashion industry is a silent condemnation of body diversity. Thankfully, things are (slowly) changing.


Yesterday at Addition Elle’s runway show, super-model Ashley Graham took the stage at the Kia STYLE360 venue to clap back at an industry that has, for so long, ignored plus-size women. The Canadian plus-size clothing brand Addition Elle has partnered with Graham to present a stunning lingerie collection available in the States this holiday season. The collection incorporates plenty of leather and lace, making yesterday’s show a truly sexy affair.


The show also featured the debut of Additional Elle’s new campaign called F*This. The campaign features a badass squad of plus-size babes including Graham, Nadia Aboulhosn, and Jordyn Woods (Kylie’s bestie in case you’re wondering). “F*This,” Addition Elle’s VP of Marketing and Visual Display Roslyn Griner explains, “is a rallying cry.” It’s permission to f* the fashion rules that continue to police women’s bodies. The campaign states clothing should represent “access, full choice, and free expression.” Addition Elle contends that these tenets will usher in a new fashion democracy. Well, that’s one political system I am SO here for. Check the link below to find out more about the movement.



Text: Madison Mundy

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