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Every bride dreams of having a fabulous wedding and it all begins with receiving the perfect engagement ring. Then there’s the dress, the shoes, and a slew of other details that can turn this joyous occasion into a stressful event.



Deciding when to get married can be just as difficult as the planning. While June is typically known as the “posh” month for brides, many are opting to wed in the winter. But winter weddings can add more challenges such as choosing the proper venue, dress style, and whether to wear a jacket or long sleeves. The easy thing to do might be to hire someone else to plan the wedding, but that can increase costs drastically. This is where I come in (cue the wedding music).

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If you are getting married this winter or next, consider yourself lucky. I have compiled a Pinterest board filled with awesome ideas titled “44 Chic Winter Wedding Ideas“. The pins are wide-ranging and include ideas for wedding dresses, decor, and everything in between. Browse the board and find something you like, I certainly did.

The possibilities are endless and there’s also room for brides to merge the holidays into their wedding theme. This was a fun board to create but I think I had a little too much fun. I’m planning a chic winter wedding and I’m already married (don’t judge me).

By the way, don’t forget to send us an invite to the wedding-happy planning.

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