It’s pretty safe to say that I have a very healthy addiction to Instagram. It’s one of the very 1st things I check when I wake up, if I get bored while my boss is yapping I scroll down to see how much fun everyone else is having, and of course I share an occasional pic of what I’m wearing, my latest buys, or even that much needed after work cocktail.

Since Instagram came to Android (read that post here), there’s obviously been a boost in users. It can get a little tricky, as with any social media platform, figuring out who you really should be paying attention to and who doesn’t deserve a like. Since I’m a good sharing person, I decided to give you a jumpstart and list my fav IGers (that’s slang for Instagram Users, LOL)


Besides the fact that Chris Brown kinda has a PR issue and really shouldn’t be on Twitter, I adore his Instagram. Affectionaitely titled, FUCKYOPICTURES, it’s full of his personal illustrations, sexy headshots of himself, and of course a few ridiculous pics of his crew — which I could do without. But overall he’s pretty amazing with the imagery he shares!



You might as well go ahead and follow THEFLYCUT on twitter, facebook, and start reading their blog. Dubbed as the Groupon for Black Hair, The Fly Cut, uses Instagram to post their favorite hair images, and products. Newbie to IG, but still very entertaining to follow nonetheless.


KIERSTENICOLE is a fashion blogger … who did not list her blog on her profile page (Blogging 101 NO NO!). After I spent about 6 minutes searching her name on Google I gave up. What I will tell you is that this chick has a serious accessories addiction, similiar to myself. She posts her OOTD and her fabulous arm parties.


Can I get a air hi five from my curvy divas? You should already be following PLUSMODELMAG on Twitter and Facebook. Plus Model Mag uses their IG to post the behind the scenes of their recent shoots, and even gives you a sneak at upcoming issues.


Dear Diddy – I. GET. IT. I seriously doubt that I would ever buy a Cassie cd but the singer has definitely wowed me via her IG – CASANDRAE. Have a peek into this singer/model/bad boy’s baddest boy mistress and you will find images of her & crew, swoon worthy vacation images, and perhaps you might wanna shave the sides of your hair off.


I barely watch TV so when I realized that BETSTYLE was following me I was pretty geeked. I was even more surprised to admit to myself that it was one of my favorites to follow. My only wish is that maybe they would include what the celebrities are wearing. But I am always inspired when I see their posts.


I really wish the things that MARSHALLS post were online because I NEVER EVER EVER EVER find all these great buys. Especially in the shoes section. I was reminded by my besties that it would not be Marshalls if it were online. Le Sigh!


Aside from _IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) being the best networking community for bloggers their IG is kinda beautiful. A perfect blend of great images and even some fun quirky ones from the founder.


They say everyone has someone in life that looks just like them — well so does my blog. PRIMANDPROPAH is my blog’s twin. We have a very similar voice, she loves bacon, and our logos are the same font! Kinda awe-inspiring right?! Naturally I love her IG too. Very similiar to my IG, she shares all the things she loves!


As a media gal the JONESMAG IG is another one I swoon over. Their red carpet pics, and behind the scenes flicks remind me why I do this. I think I need to ask if they need an Assistant Instagrammer? Sounds fancy right.


One of the industries top models, COCOROCHA, loves IG just as much as the rest of us. Sharing her behind the scenes moments, what she wore to what fabulous event that we weren’t invited, and she’s even got a bootcamp for models. I love her IG because it shows that models aren’t just hangers — they have personalities too, and COCO’s is pretty darn cool!


You’ve probably seen me tweeting and facebookin’ about an event that I am doing #ShopAndSwap. Well NADIAABOULHOSN is one of the plus size bloggers that will be there with me. Nadia’s IG is a perfect combination of OOTD posts, style pics, and foodie cravings.


GALADARLING. I’ve been a fan of her blog for so long. It’s colorful and fun and also extremely positive. So yep, her IG is just spillage of the great content she blurts out over on her blog. And besides her name really is Gala Darling.


Ahh and then we have my ATL blogger boo. I’ve never met Eboni from FASHIONNEXTDOOR in person but she’s a cutie pie. Just look at her avi?! Her IG really is just a snapshot of her blog content. Which I love!


I’m not sure if anyone love shoes as much as stylist IGer, OPETHESTYLIST. The main reason I really follow her is just to see what fabulous, stunning, out-of-this-world pumps, stilettos, or sneakers she finds. 


My accessories addiction starts with REBECCAMINKOFF. She’s always posting amazing clutches, bags, and such. Every now and then she will throw in a few foodie dishes but for the most — it’s all fashion loves. 


And last but certain not least — MEEEEEE! GORGEOUSINGREY. My IG, like many other bloggers, is just the etc’s of my blog. Kinda like what my tumblr was suppose to be, but I find IG way more exciting to follow and the phone app is much simpler and more importantly WORKS, sorry Tumblr.


Q: Tell me your fav IGers, and make sure you leave me your instagram user name below, if you’re interesting I will folow back *giggles*.

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  1. April 24, 2012 / 9:42 pm

    Thank you!!!! I wanted to see who I should follow, I’m honored.

  2. May 6, 2012 / 1:55 pm

    Girl, Im just now seeing this – for some reason, your RSS feed isn’t showing blog posts beyond April 16th in my reader.

    But anyhoo…. I just joined Instagram recently (mainly to follow the reality stars who I blog about – so I don’t miss anything) but I have yet fo figure out how to use it and upload pictures. lol. That’s one of my goals for the month of May!
    Yakini recently posted..Emily B’s Abstract-Print Crop Top & Giuseppe Zanotti Color-Block Sandals at South BeachMy Profile

  3. May 17, 2012 / 11:44 am

    Yes, IG is definitely my drug of choice as of late. And umm, I wouldn’t be totally distraught if Cassie abandoned her music career and stuck with modeling full time. Talent is so overrated anyway, right?

  4. PoePutri
    June 20, 2012 / 5:27 am

    Cool..awesome list :)))
    just bumped in to your blog.and i found it very interesting :))
    am a curvy woman from Indonesia by the way.. 🙂
    oh and, my IG nicks is POEPUTRI

    BIG (obviously) hug from Indonesia,

  5. September 12, 2012 / 11:14 pm

    GREAT LIST! I suggest adding @TemaraPayton.. She’s and up & coming makeup artist/stylist/blogger/fashionista.. MINE is @justcallmeALLEN – I’m a designer and brand gladiator..

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