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Ahh, vacations! We love them, but we hate to think too much about it. The more we think of the logistics, the less we have fun. I recently traveled to the Caribbean with Princess Cruises and OMG, it took forever to get ready. Then when I returned I was going through serious withdrawals so my bag stay packed until the next month. (Don’t you dare judge me!)


So because I love you, here are 10 lazy but effective travel tips you need to be aware of before your next trip.


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Let someone (or something) plan for you

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Not everyone can plan a vacation (or be invited on a press trip to warmer weather), but if you really have to, use the TripAdvisor app to keep everything in check for you. From hotels, to things to do around the city, this will totes save you lots of time allowing you to actually get excited for your trip.

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